During my first two years in college, I participated in a lot of competitions for fun and interest. As a big fan of iron man, my creation mainly concentrates in robotic areas. For example, drones, unmanned vehicles, autonomous rainproof machine for outdoor hangers etc. However, in my junior year, mechanical and electrical engineering (ME & EE) cast off their fascination on me as it seems hard to refine my prototypes into commercial-level product and bring them into mass production due to my limit of time and financial strength.

Compared to EE and ME, coding depletes a significantly smaller budget and more important to me, improves efficiency, as there is no manufacturing and delivering time wasted. Meanwhile, I was obsessed by the power and mystery of artificial intelligence and internet. I suddenly realized these are the fields where I can stimulate my potential and achieve my dream – to make this world a better place!



When I am free, I like reading books, doing sports and playing a game of go. I covered topics in psychology, philosophy, investment, real estate, laws and entrepreneurship, which broadened my horizons and imparted me with critical thinking that propelling me to write something. As I believe, inspiring articles can always enlighten people. The book that changed my life is ‘How to Stop Worrying and Start Living’ written by Dale Carnegie.

Lastly, the reason why I created this blog is I want to share my spirits and ideas which can practically benefit and inspire other people. It would be my greatest pleasure if you can enjoy your time here. If there are any one-sided perspectives in articles or bugs in codes, please feel free to send me an email (nianliblog@gmail.com) or comment below those videos on Youtube. I wish all my best to your inevitable success!


10 October 2018

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