Should You Accept an Offer

by Nian Li

Posted on November 16, 2018

Sometimes accepting an offer might be even more cumbersome than receiving an offer. Since more and more people having difficulties in accepting offers nowadays, I think it is necessary to write an article, in my opinion, regarding whether you should accept or decline an offer.

1. Does the job interest you?

If you are finding an internship, this policy should be the most important thing for you. Internship’s period usually varies from 3 to 6 months. Hence, experience and knowledge that you are expected to gain during your internship should be the thing you focus on in such a limited period, as it allows you to get enrolled in industry which gives you general ideas about how companies look like, which is especially crucial to your future career. Apart from that, doing things you like can keep you interested. “I never did a day’s work in my life. It was all fun”, said by Thomas Edison. If you can find a lot of fun in your job, you can learn fast and of cause, higher chance to get promoted.

2. Are you satisfied with your salary?

It seems to be a stupid question, but I did encounter some cases that people accepted offers even before they knew their salaries! As long as you accept your company’s offer, you will be bound by your contracted company in law. However, areas where you and your employer did not reach a consensus before you accept that offer might become non-negotiable and to be determined by your employer. If you are not satisfied with your salary, don’t be afraid to negotiate with your employers until your bottom line has been reached before you accept the offer!

3. Are HRs pushing you?

People usually get nervous when someone is pushing them. When you are pushed, it is hard for you to analyze your situation and can make a rash decision easily. No one knows this point better than HRs! Hence, if you think your offer consideration time (normally 1-2 weeks) is too short, kindly ask them whether they are comfortable to extend the deadline. If HR telling you that you have to make a decision on the phone while you are hesitated and optimistic to alternative opportunities, saying no should not be a wrong decision. If even HRs are so pushing, you should be aware of the possibility that this company’s working environment might be furious as well.

4. Can you see your career bottleneck?

Detailed career bottleneck might be hard to discover until you join a company, but we can absolutely analyze it with following steps:

Industry: whether you can apparently see a bottleneck in the industry of your company?

Products: whether your company’s main products are competitive in the market and whether there are any new technologies or exciting products in development?

Executives: whether company’s executives are creative and always highlight innovation in public?

5. Is the geographic location convenient in your daily life?

This might always be an omitted point, but it should never be ignored. I did have an internship experience that I spent 8 hours in my office while 3 hours on the road on working days. It was really suffering though at the very beginning I could do some reading but in the end it turns out that it is particularly difficult to make full use of those time. Moreover, squeezing yourself on the train that long every day has no good to your body. To be honest, I wish I could rent an apartment nearby at that time.

I believe there are still many other points you should consider whether to accept an offer or not. For example, company regulations and government policy. Please remember: there is never a perfect offer, there is only a perfect choice!