BiDAF Q&A System

by Nian Li

Posted on January 1, 2020

Bi-Directional Attention Flow (BiDAF) network is a multi-stage hierarchical process that represents the context at different levels of granularity and uses bi-directional attention flow mechanism to obtain a query-aware context representation without early summarization.

Download: Software Package Software Manual

Reference: Youtube Tutorial Related Paper

1. Setup Steps

  • Download the package and unzip it into a local folder
  • Create a new conda environment and execute conda command to install required packages in conda listed in readme.txt
  • Use the new-created conda environment and execute Flask backend python3
  • Have fun and test in localhost:5000

2. Further Development

  • Use different data set to retrain the model for other applications using transfer learning. The file to train models is You may need to adjust some parameters in order to make it runnable.
  • Onsite implementation